Electric Motor, Housing, Control Handle

Stihl HLA135 - Electric Motor
No.PartDescriptionPrice £
1SL-HA046000202ELECTRIC MOTOR169.00Add to Cart (Order)
2SL-00009511100SCREW1.26Add to Cart
3SL-HA044301402ELECTRONIC/MODULE140.00Add to Cart (Order)
4SL-HA044301400ELECTRONIC/MODULE132.00Add to Cart (Order)
5SL-FA014040800CONTACT PLATE11.20Add to Cart (Order)
6SL-MA017913100SPRING2.30Add to Cart (Order)
7SL-FA018208100SPIROL HOUSING18.30Add to Cart (Order)
8SL-FA016020300SPIROL HOUSING12.30Add to Cart (Order)
9SL-FA017063400COVER5.17Add to Cart (Order)
10SL-90744773025PAN HEAD SELF TAPPING0.80Add to Cart (Order)
11SL-HA046003200FANWHEEL6.90Add to Cart (Order)
12SL-94606240800WASHER0.28Add to Cart
13SL-HA046000802MOTOR/HOUSING117.00Add to Cart (Order)
14SL-FA010840900SHROUD22.90Add to Cart
15SL-HA049671500Call 01732 441333
17SL-FA010801900FILTER12.50Add to Cart (Order)
18SL-90223191028SCREW0.61Add to Cart
27SL-FA014302220WIRING HARNESS19.50Add to Cart (Order)
19SL-FA018208000COVER5.17Add to Cart (Order)
20SL-FA016003401FLANGE34.50Add to Cart (Order)
21SL-92910210140WASHER0.24Add to Cart
22SL-90754784720PAN HEAD SELF TAPPING1.13Add to Cart (Order)
23SL-FA010071000SCREW KIT10.36Add to Cart (Order)
24SL-FA017644200CARRIER13.20Add to Cart (Order)
25SL-48514309800LOCKING LEVER4.84Add to Cart (Order)
26SL-FA017901320CONTROL HANDLE90.50Add to Cart (Order)
28SL-12504300500SWITCH3.00Add to Cart (Order)
29SL-FA014300501SWITCH12.50Add to Cart (Order)
30SL-48674300501SWITCH10.36Add to Cart (Order)
31SL-90744783025SPLINE SCREW0.71Add to Cart
32SL-FA010073820CONTROL LEVER KIT12.90Add to Cart (Order)
33SL-FA010071320SET OF MOUNTING HARDWA3.00Add to Cart (Order)
34SL-90223410960SCREW0.61Add to Cart
35SL-FA017904700Call 01732 441333
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