Carburetor C1MS228, C1MS203

Stihl BG86 C-E - Carburetor
No.PartDescriptionPrice £
1SL-42411200606CARBURETTOR108.92Add to Cart (Order)
2SL-42411200607CARBURETTOR108.92Add to Cart (Order)
3SL-42411200600Call 01732 441333
4SL-41281223000SPRING2.29Add to Cart (Order)
5SL-Z000018Z000INLET NEEDLE9.43Add to Cart (Order)
6SL-11251215000LEVER3.31Add to Cart (Order)
7SL-11201219200SPINDLE1.26Add to Cart (Order)
8SL-00001227101SCREW4.36Add to Cart (Order)
9SL-42411226600COLLAR SCREW3.74Add to Cart (Order)
10SL-42411290901GASKET2.17Add to Cart
11SL-42411214702METERING DIAPHRAM13.20Add to Cart (Order)
12SL-42411202202FLANGE29.99Add to Cart (Order)
13SL-42411202200FLANGE29.62Add to Cart (Order)
14SL-42261212700BULB4.90Add to Cart
15SL-41401210800END COVER15.08Add to Cart (Order)
16SL-41401227100SCREW4.15Add to Cart (Order)
17SL-42411227100SCREW4.15Add to Cart (Order)
18SL-42411214800PUMP DIAPHRAGM13.20Add to Cart (Order)
19SL-11231290905GASKET2.17Add to Cart
20SL-42411210800END COVER15.08Add to Cart (Order)
21SL-11251224200BALL1.58Add to Cart
22SL-41401226200IDLE SPEED ADJUSTMENT9.43Add to Cart (Order)
23SL-11201227800SCREW4.36Add to Cart
24SL-11231217800STRAINER3.25Add to Cart (Order)
25SL-41401206800LOW SPEED SCREW8.11Add to Cart (Order)
26SL-Z010061Z013LIMITER CAP5.76Add to Cart (Order)
27SL-41401226800LOW SPEED SCREW9.43Add to Cart (Order)
28SL-42411226702HIGH SPEED SCREW9.43Add to Cart (Order)
29SL-42291212701CAP5.63Add to Cart
30SL-90793190280PAN HEAD SCREW0.56Add to Cart
31SL-42411213500THROTTLE LEVER6.50Add to Cart (Order)
32SL-42411225000Call 01732 441333
33SL-42411829500CHOKE KNOB3.52Add to Cart
34SL-42410071700SET OF CARBURETOR PART26.08Add to Cart (Order)

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